1. Name of consultancy: EduLink Education Consultancy and Placement Firm

2. Year of Establishment: 25/3/2016

3. Name and designation of running official: Tashi Chonjur, CEO.

4. Address of the consultancy:

EduLink Education Consultancy and Placement Firm,
PO Box. 1796.
Thimphu & Gelephu

5. License no: 1034655

6. Email Id to be used for all or

7. Telephone number:

8. Vision, mission and objectives of the Firm:

To be the Premier Education Consultancy and Placement Firm in the Region

Make best education accessible and affordable to our learners.

OBJECTIVES: The main objectives of establishing this firm are as follows:

• Find the best colleges and universities to cater to the needs of our learners
• Provide quality educational services to our learners
• Provide easy and convenient access to admissions
• Look for possible scholarships for our learners.
• Look for possibility for on-campus recruitment of learners
• Explore the possibility of job opportunities for the learners.

9. Human Resource: The firm deals with the dreams of our various clients and as such the best-fit personnel for the cause has been employed. Education and learners have always been very close to our heart. The staffing pattern is as given below:







10. Services Provided:
• Counseling Services: Free counseling services is being provided to students in choosing the right colleges and universities befitting their subject of interest. Clear career track and right information pertaining to the choice of educational institutes are being shared with both the students and parents.

• Admission process: Admission procedures and policies shall be made very clear so as to do away with all kinds of confusions pertaining to admission processes. All documents necessary for admission will be processed by the firm after which offer letter will be handed over to students with charges for registrations as per the norm of the concerned colleges/universities. All documentation and administrative procedures are completed before the departure to the respective colleges.

• Student welfare and support services: The firm ensures that student’s welfare is looked after and catered to by colleges and universities as promised. Frequent site inspection will be carried out to check the delivery of promised student welfare. Medical support during sickness, protection and evacuation during unforeseen incidents and calamities is taken cared of through MoU signing with the Colleges/Universities.

• Scholarship: The firm tries to provide various forms of scholarships from colleges, universities, companies and other employment agencies to ease the financial burden from parents and also to motivate students to work hard.

• Insurance: Medical and other forms of insurance services is worked out in consultation with colleges, universities and also our National Insurance providers.

11. Fees and charges: The real fee will be charged as per the college admission fee prescribed in their brochures and website. It shall look something like given below. Final figure will be written during the signing of agreement with the students and their parents.

• Tuition Fee: As per the respective college/university fees reflected in their brochure and website that shall be made aware to students and parents prior to signing of the agreement.
• Accommodation/ hostel fee: Hostel fee shall be charged as per the hostel rates given in the college brochure. Should the students choose to stay outside in the rented house, the rates will differ. The details of the rates based on the room type: the AC, NON-AC, number of persons to be accommodated in each room, the food choice etc will be clearly reflected as a clause in the agreement with students.

• Visa Fee: The visa-processing fee of Nu.5000 (non refundable) will be charged.

• Transportation Charges: Transportation charges will have to be borne by the students themselves. They have the option to fly or take the land route. Though they have to bear the transportation expenses, the firm can do the processing.

• Any other miscellaneous fee: Any other fees chargeable shall be reflected in the agreement clause and beyond that no fee or charges shall be levied. There shall be NO HIDDEN fees or charges that students have to bear. All proceedings will be made clear and transparent. The principles of good governance will be adopted in our dealings.