California Institute of Advanced Management (CIAM)

We at CIAM recognize the challenges of these difficult economic times. Well-paying jobs are hard to find, career objectives need to be changed, and resources for further education are scarce. That is why we created the CIAM MBA – to help you navigate these daunting challenges and reach a goal that you may have thought beyond your reach. We offer both a hybrid and fully online program!

The California Institute of Advanced Management is a unique organization dedicated to building the capacity of students from a wide range of backgrounds to succeed as entrepreneurs and managers in whatever career direction they choose. CIAM offers 6 terms each year with new cohorts of students admitted at the beginning of each term. The MBA requires that students successfully complete the twelve-course curriculum. The hybrid structure of classes means that classes meet for four hours once a week for six weeks and that each course requires the completion of five on-line lessons. Students will do practical research in the form of consulting projects. Instead of tests, CIAM bases grades on papers, reports and presentations. Leadership and teamwork skills are developed as students work collaboratively throughout their course of study, and there is continuous focus on the development of effective written and oral communication. For a complete list of courses and more detailed information, please visit the course catalog or contact CIAM.